About Us

HighTower Omega is a dynamic company focused on empowerment through supporting health, wellness, and athletic excellence.

The company's founder is a leading Martial Artist, whose struggles for success in a male-dominated hetero-normative field permeated by racial biases inspired her to develop a more inclusive and supportive environment, promoting diversity in competitive martial arts.

Her vision includes empowering people to take control of their own health, wellness, and personal safety. To this end, the company offers fitness, martial arts, and self-defense training; personalized training and nutrition plans; fitness products; and a community to support holistic wellness. Our training programs primarily serve individuals from marginalized groups, providing a type and quality of service which would otherwise not be available. Our youth programs are beneficial not only to our students' physical health, but also to their development of character and life skills. We provide a safe space for a diverse group of people (in terms of racial/ethnic background, socioeconomic status, physical ability, sexual orientation and gender identity), support them in reaching health goals, and developing their abilities to protect themselves. This is particularly significant for more vulnerable groups, whose health and safety is too often disregarded with the cold callousness of a statistic.