HTO Karate & Fitness Program

This program will emphasize on enhancing the body movement with method of Karate Training. At it's core, Karate is a moving meditation that pushes an individuals of all ages to increase in inner spirit toughness, focus, physical athletics, and character. Students will also learn to efficiently move their bodies for self-defense and to protect themselves from bodily injury.


This Karate program builds upon the community’s core values, which mirror the core values of Karate: Character, Sincerity, Dedication, Etiquette, & Self Control, This design is  for all experience levels, from beginners, to the common practitioner to National Champion and Olympic contenders.  HighTower Omega Karate is directly associate with the Jinen Kai Karate International, thus, the individual will be exposed to samples of Judo, Jujitsu, and other styles of Karate.  My goal is to instruct our students in all aspects of Karate-Do, which is a complete system of self defense, good physical fitness and a strong mind when tough correctly.

Respect. Blood. Honour  





Baldwin Hills Recreation Center: 

5401 Highlight Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90016

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